Carry The Safety Tool That Every Driver Needs 
And Avoid Being A Helpless Victim In A Crash

Each year, over 500 Americans drown in a sinking car. BreachSpear is on a mission to change that. We created a device that lets you escape a sinking car with the push of a button. When a car lands underwater, the extra outside pressure traps all passengers in an underwater prison that's virtually impossible to escape. BreachSpear a new type of safety hammer that will break through any window.

2-in-1 Car Safety Tool

This life-saving multi-functional window breaker and seatbelt cutter is durable and reliable, allowing you to quickly escape from the vehicle in an emergency situation.

● Portable and Lightweight: This 3.5-inch car safety hammer is compact and weighs only 100g. It can be easily installed on your vehicle's console using Velcro, serving as a convenient escape tool or decoration.

● Powerful and Quick: With a 6kg impact force, it swiftly breaks windows in just 1 second. Simply press it lightly during emergencies to instantly shatter tempered glass, ensuring your safety without hand injuries.

● Easy to Use: Equipped with a hardened stainless steel point, it effortlessly breaks car windows and cuts belts when needed. Whether you're young or old, male or female, this emergency escape hammer is easy to handle.

● Versatile Application: Ideal for emergency rescue and escape on land or underwater, as well as car rescues and more.

The Powerful Principles Of Firearms

Similar to the force generated during firearm discharge, the safety hammer concentrates impact force by releasing compressed gas or spring energy onto its striking head. By leveraging high-pressure gas or spring mechanisms, the safety hammer delivers an impact force of up to 6kg. In just 1 second, it can shatter tempered glass, ensuring a quick and safe escape. Its hardened sharp stainless steel point is specifically engineered to penetrate car windows with ease.

According to rigorous testing and research, the safety hammer has been proven to effectively break car windows even in the most challenging circumstances, such as underwater scenarios.

Recommended by emergency workers

BreachSpear, developed by a firefighter, is the prestigious "must-have" tool endorsed by public organizations, police, firefighters, and emergency health personnel. With its patented mechanism, it provides the necessary force to break windows underwater, unlike traditional safety hammers. When electric windows fail in water submersion, BreachSpear is your lifesaver, enabling you to escape your car in seconds. While waiting for professional help, having BreachSpear is like having a firefighter by your side. Keep one in the front for the driver and passenger seat, and another in the back for other passengers.

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Safe Your Own Life In 3 Steps

1. Remove the lid
Double-ended design, the one hand end is tungsten steel and the other end is has a built-in cutting knife, U-shaped opening, to prevent scratches

2. Cut or unplug seatbelt
Notch against the seat belt, side to side push forward, then cut the seat belt.

3. Break the car window
Push the BreachSpear in the glass and push the button. It is recommended to align the four corners of the window glass more easily.

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Real Customers, Real Relief

This window breaker is perfectly designed in terms of size, making it convenient to carry without taking up much space. Before using it, I consulted the instructions and it seems quite easy to use. The safety features are well-designed, and the material is of excellent quality with a sturdy construction. I bought it in advance to be prepared and it's definitely necessary to have it in the car.


I just received the car safety hammer and couldn't wait to test it out to see its effectiveness. It's truly amazing! It shattered the glass in an instant. The hammer is compact and delicate, and the blade on the other end is incredibly sharp. The design is very thoughtful. It's definitely worth buying!

—— SpaceColin

As a truck driver and a mom, safety is my top priority. That's why I bought this safety hammer. It's compact, easy to use, and provides peace of mind knowing that I have a reliable tool to escape from my vehicle in an emergency. Highly recommended!


Being a dad, the safety of my family is paramount. This safety hammer is a must-have for any family vehicle. It's simple to install and provides a sense of security knowing that we have a reliable tool to break windows and escape if needed. I'm glad I made this purchase!


I had a terrifying experience when my car caught fire, and the doors were jammed. Luckily, I had this safety hammer within reach. With one strike, I was able to break the window and escape to safety. I can't stress enough how crucial this tool is for emergencies. Every driver should have one!


As a firefighter, I deal with life-threatening situations regularly. This safety hammer is an essential tool in my rescue arsenal. Its durability and effectiveness in breaking car windows quickly have proven invaluable in saving lives. I highly recommend this tool to my fellow emergency responders and everyday drivers. Trust me, it's worth it!

—— Joy07

This safety hammer is a mom's secret weapon! I can't count the number of times my little ones have locked themselves in the car accidentally. But thanks to this hammer, I can rescue them in a flash. It's like being a superhero mom, ready to save the day. Get one, fellow super moms!

——James Davis

This safety hammer is a lifesaver, literally! I keep it in my glove compartment, and it has saved me from some sticky situations. It's like having a magical wand that can break windows and free you from any car entrapment. Don't leave home without it, folks!

—— Robert

I'm an adrenaline junkie, and this safety hammer is my new favorite thrill accessory! It's not just for emergencies, it's also perfect for those impromptu car escape drills with friends. We race against the clock to see who can break the window the fastest. Who knew safety could be so much fun?


It is the star of my carpool karaoke sessions! When we're belting out tunes, I know I have a reliable tool to break the window if we ever get stuck. It's like having a backup plan for our rockstar adventures. Sing your heart out and stay safe with this awesome hammer!


I think this tool of prevention is essential for a truck driver like me for many years! Very peace of mind!


Don't waste time in an accident to survive!


Grab Yours Before the Timer Ends!

Frequently Asked Questions

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